6 Best Anime Conventions

Anime shows unite fans from everywhere throughout the world to praise anime, manga, and different parts of Otaku culture. Cons frequently make a special effort to feature both Japanese and nearby social practices, yet fans can likewise rely on a plenty of cosplay, raves, screenings, and extraordinary industry visitors.

Incalculable anime shows occur far and wide, yet just a chosen few can be viewed as the most elite. On the off chance that a fan is searching for an enormous show with over 500,000t participants, they might need to look at the primary anime show ever, Tokyo’s Comiket—it makes Anime Expo look quelled.

Somebody searching for a littler, increasingly close to home experience should attempt Katsucon, a Baltimore-based anime show that hosts around 17,000 participants every year. Regardless of whether Otaku are into all things nerdy, there’s a lot of anime in plain view at significant Comic Cons in San Diego and New York City.

Anime Boston

Anime Boston has been around since 2003, and from that point forward it’s been giving a strong encounter to con-goers. It includes a disguise ball, an AMV challenge, a craftsman’s back street, and a lot of stunning visitors.

In 2013, the occasion pulled in Shinichiro Watanabe, the amazing chief of Cowboy Bebop. It’s difficult to top that, however paying little heed to when a fan decides to go to this show, they’re certain to make some great memories.


Truly, Otakon was a Baltimore-based anime show, yet in 2017 it moved to Washington DC. While this implies bidding farewell to the Inner Harbor and the super cold water fellow, it likewise offers a more excellent show space to help oblige the enormous number of participants.

Otakon has a plenty of fun exercises and visitors. Groups like Homemade Kazoku, T.M. Transformation, Jam Project, and FLOW play out every year, and makers, voice entertainers, and other anime characters show up.

The volunteer staff is useful and pleasing, maintaining control regardless of participation numbers that push 30,000 visitors. In the event that you can get to DC, Otakon is perhaps the best show around.

Anime Expo

In the event that a fan is hoping to see enormous name visitors like CLAMP, Yuki Kaji, Go Nagai, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, they have to go to Anime Expo, a four-day-long anime spectacle in Los Angeles, CA.

It’s a moderately short outing from other LA vacationer exercises – it’s conceivable to do Anime EXPO and Disneyland in a solitary visit – however it’s hard to leave the assembly hall before observing all that it brings to the table.

The main downside to this enormous occasion is the groups. With an inexact participation of 107,658 out of 2017, it’s the greatest show in North America, so plan on holding up in a ton of lines. Fortunately, there’s huge amounts of astonishing cosplay to look at while standing by to get in, so even that is not the most exceedingly terrible.


Sakura-Con is a Seattle-based anime show that initially opened in 1998 under the name Baka!- Con. It was made by neighborhood fans who didn’t think close by science fiction shows offered enough anime content—a sensible grumbling for anime sweethearts.

Today it gives a fun show understanding to roughly 25,000 participants, with remarkable occasions like the cosplay march and an assortment of rivalries including a karaoke challenge, a play challenge, and a mecha-demonstrating challenge.

Anime NYC

New York City has had a disturbed history with anime shows. Notwithstanding the territory’s thick populace, numerous shows experience experienced issues turning a benefit, including Big Apple Anime Fest, which collapsed after just two years. In like manner, New York Anime Fest was subsumed into New York Comic Con.

In 2017, Crunchyroll began a NYC-based show called Anime NYC. The principal year offered a laid-back condition while as yet getting enormous name visitors like artist Chihiro Yonekura.

The eventual fate of the show looks splendid—in 2018, pop icon supergroup Morning Musume is on the books, and new occasions like AMV challenges were added to the lineup.


In case you’re an Otakon aficionado who inclines toward Baltimore to Washington DC, Katsucon is an incredible option in the Baltimore zone. The show highlights 24-hour programming, while different cons shut down at some point at night or night.

At Katsucon, you can prop the gathering up as long as you need to. Simply make a point to organize rest eventually, else you may wind up too depleted to even think about enjoying the boards, raves, cosplay chess, and other fun occasions the social affair brings to the table.

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